A step towards saving the Faucet industry

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A step towards saving the Faucet industry

Faucets’ industry is suffering particularly these days… One of the “main faces”, Faucethub.io announced that is going to not continue to operate as a micro wallet anymore.

The situation reminds me, back in time, what had happened to the famous site “Faucetbox.com” which announced in November 2016 the closure of their service.

As faucet owners, we understand the frustration of all other owners out there who received such a big hit and had to find a solution in no time to be able to continue paying their users and keep running their faucets.

We’re not blaming anyone for this, but we really want to help people to find a long term solution for their business, and for users, to find a new microwallet for their needs.

For this reason, the Crowdstartups team (The same team that is behind earnbtc.io) is going to release a brand new microwallet dedicated not just on faucets’ industry but to all crypto market:

We have gathered our dev team to release the beta version of the wallet in a few days. The basic version will only have enough features to let faucets continue working without any interruption. And we will try our best to provide you with a solution so that you don’t have to update your backend code at all.


It will be a simple multicurrency microwallet, nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, this doesn’t stop here. After the release of the basic version, the full feature plan with be shared in public and this project will come into the Crowd Funding phase. We are planning something more than just a way to receive payment.

More updates will be shared soon, stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “A step towards saving the Faucet industry

  1. Было бы здорово если там сразу продать- купить монеты на фиат, Рубли, Евро, Доллары.

    1. This service won’t be used only by faucets on small scale. Plans are much more than that and we are going to obtain legal licenses in the near future.

    2. So long you do not operate an exchange they can’t slap you with the financial act or anti money laundering act which requires you to do KYC.

  2. please do the developers as it was on the Fawsetbox with the usual captcha, otherwise these short links are already tired, let it be better to pay out not big but with a simple captcha

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