Author: Erika

How to do Offerwalls?

Last but not the least, Offerwalls is great way to get a decent income quite fast. At the time of this article, there are 5 different offerwalls available on Depending on the offerwall network you choose, there are different kind of offers, and in every network you can see the amount of points you […]

How to Roll&Win?

In the orange box on the left side of the page, under “Paid to Promote” we find “Roll&Win” Roll&Win allows you to win up 200’000 satoshi (0.002BTC) EVERY HOUR! Yes you read it correctly! Every single hour! :Q________It’s basically a wheel of fortune, and the minimum prize is 10 sat (so basically it’s at least […]

How to earn watching Framed ads?

The first thing, after logged in is click over Framed ads, in the orange box on the left side of the page: Once you clicked over “Framed ads” you will redirect to the following page: highlighted ads are published by EarnBTC’s advertisers To earn you have to click over each ads and follow this […]

How to earn on

Many users usually ask this question, and the reply is pretty much simple and I’m going to explain it to you. On the left side of the dashboard, you can see an orange box titled “Earn Money” (see the below image) There are 5 different options to earn at the moment, let’s have a […]

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