EarnBTC v2 is here. What has changed?

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EarnBTC v2 is here. What has changed?

After 1 year, EarnBTC team decided to restyle completely the website adding new and exiting features some of them suggested by users themself.

But let’s get a quick look on this new features:

Level System: For every action done in the website, you will increase your level: higher level brings higher profits on every task you finish. You can see the progress bar on Dashboard

Clicking the top right icon will show you how many XPs you can get per single action:

Earn with Captchas: A new earning method is by solve CAPTCHAS. Fill captcha and earn money. There is practically no limit on how many captcha you can complete and earn money for it.

Contest: In the previous version of EarnBTC, there was only Referral Contest which get lots of BTC to many users. But not every users can advertise and build a strong downline so in EarnBTC V2 we introduce Activity Contest, in which all points are generated by user actions. In Activity Contest, no need to collect tons of ref to reach top position in leaderboard. Moreover a new referral contest will be run every month so big downline builder will be happy too 🙂

3rd Party Affiliates: In EarnBTC V2, is now possible to play free games, complete dedicate offer, install free application and get paid for it. There are lots of new offerwall now but you need to reach Level 5 to be eligible to do it, so start collecting XPs

Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty bonus is a feature for our loyal users who stay active every day on this platform.

Every day you stay active in EarnBTC, your loyalty bonus will increase by 1% (Upto 6%). Loyalty bonus will reset to 0 at the start of every week. You must collect atleast 100 XP every day to increase your loyalty bonus. Missing a day of activity will reset your bonus back to 0. Your loyalty bonus will contribute to your income from other tasks like watching ads, faucet claims, offerwalls etc.

For example, if you earn 1000 satoshis in our free faucet claim, you can receive upto 6% more reward. So your reward will be 1060 satoshis.

One great feature is the INCOME MULTIPLIER: Based on your level your income multiplier will increase accordingly. All your rewards on completing various tasks will be multiplied by the INCOME MULTIPLIER number before crediting your account


More earning options are coming soon, let’s show you a bit of them:
Bitcoin Stock Game (Coming soon): This game is in testing phase right now and will be launched pretty soon. You can bet on Bitcoin price if it will go up or down and you earn if you predict correctly.
Daily Tasks (Coming soon): You will be rewarded to complete some basic tasks every day.
Activity Bonus (Coming Soon): You can get paid just to stay active on EarnBTC v2 platform. Play free games or surf ads or do anything else, your each action will contribute to your activity bonus.

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