How to earn on

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How to earn on

Many users usually ask this question, and the reply is pretty much simple and I’m going to explain it to you.

On the left side of the dashboard, you can see an orange box titled “Earn Money” (see the below image)

There are 5 different options to earn at the moment, let’s have a look into each of these:

  1. FRAMED ADS: You watch ads for 10, 15, 30 or 45 seconds and you get instantly credited at the end of countdown (if you don’t know how to watch Framed ads, please have a look at “How to watch framed ads”)

  2. AUTO SURFER: Process is similar to Framed Ads with the difference that you don’t need to click over the ads every time, just make the auto surfer starts and it will do all the job! For more information please check “How to earn with Autosurf”

  3. PAID TO PROMOTE: If you have a website you can earn for every views you can bring to, you just have to share your ptp link. For further information please check “How to earn with PTP”

  4. ROLL&WIN: Every hour you have a chance to win up 200’000 satoshi, The minimum prize is 10 satoshi, so at least you get 10 sathoshi every hour 😉
    For further information please check “How to Roll&Win”

  5. OFFERWALLS: You can earn points completing offers, tasks, games and convert it into satoshi directly on your account balance.
    For further information please check “How to do Offerwalls”

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